Administrative Management

Octav Advisors Octav Advisors provides company secretary services to all its clients and fill all annual declarations with the relevant department (Company Registry, Inland Revenue Department etc)


  • Constitution de sociétés.
  • Keeping company registers : updating and keeping of registers, minutes and other statutory registers of the company.: conservation, mise à jour et tenue des registres, des procès-verbaux et autres registres statutaires de la société.
  • Ensure preparation and filing of annual reports with the Companies Register annuels au registre de la société en temps voulu.
  • Preparation of directors' meetings and shareholders' meetings. pour le conseil d’administration et les actionnaires.
  • Appointment and resignation of directors des administrateurs.
  • Transfert / attribution d’actions.
  • business and commercial licence fees commerciale.

Register Office

  • For all our clients, we provide a register office.
  • This service is available for clients having offices and clients which do not have offices in Hong Kong.
  • For companies that do not have an office or staff in Hong Kong, we provide our register office as a business address in Hong Kong.

Assisting in bank account opening

  • Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is difficult due to KYC rules of Hong Kong banks.
  • Octav Advisors assists you to prepare and file an opening request with a Hong Kong bank.
  • Octav Advisors connects your company with banks and can ensure you a meeting with a bank officer to open the bank account of your company.
  • Octav Advisors assist you at meeting with the officer in charge of the account opening.

Keeping of registers and providing a designated representative of the company

  • Since 1st March 2008, every company registered in Hong Kong has the obligation to keep the register of the company's significant controller (shareholding of 25% or more)
  • The company must appoint at least one designated representative to keep the significant controller(s) register who will interact with local authorities.
  • Octav Advisors has the licence to be appointed as designated representative.