Octav Advisors was founded by Caroline Testu Lherbier, lawyer registered with the Paris Bar and the Hong Kong Law Society (foreign lawyer). Octav Advisors is consulting firm in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Octav Advisors propose l’ensemble des services de conseil fiscal et de Company Secretary nécessaires aux entreprises, entrepreneurs et investisseurs pour développer leurs activités à Hong Kong et en Chine.

Octav Advisors provides services for entrepreneurs, SMEs and larger companies from Europe investing in APAC. Octav Advisors also advises Chinese companies investing in Europe.

Secure your procedures and your annual filings.

Hong Kong annual obligations must be observed with strict respect. The slightest failure in this area can have serious consequence for your company's business. This is why we offer our clients a full company secretary service. un service de gestion des démarches et déclarations.

To guide
and to protect you

we ensure our clients to be fully compliant with international tax treaties and to clarify their tax resident status with local tax department. Our mission is to prevent and protect from any tax control ..

Simplify, acceleration
your setting up
in Hong Kong.

Octav Advisors assist you with employments visas and entrepreneurs visa procedures. We assist you by fling visa applications for your employees with our wage portage structure.